Tue Oct 16 6:45pm
CQ3A 0.9.3 added to downloads. Includes fix for walk mode origin/height problems with VR interfaces and an updated vrjuggler interface.

Mon Nov 29 10:36am
CQ3A 0.9.1 is now available. The new release features a FreeVR interface update by Bill Sherman.

Sun Sep 15 11:44pm
CQ3A 0.9.0 is now available! The new release features a walk mode in addition to the old fly mode.

Wed Jun 26 1:58pm
Dave Pape reports that CQ3A runs under Linux with CAVElib 3.0 with passive stereo and tracking.

Tue Sep 18 9:46pm
CQ3A 0.8.9 is now available! The new release features environment mapping by Stefan Gustavson.

Fri Jul 6 9:23am
CQ3A 0.8.8 is now available! The new release features a FreeVR interface update. FreeVR was recently released. For more info, go here:

Stefan Gustavson contributed keyboard look and spawn point cycling. The keyboard look is useful for VR systems without a wand interface, such as the VR theater that Stefan uses. The spawn point cycling is especially useful with Rocket Arena data since multiple, unconnected maps are stored in a single bsp file.

John Stone contributed Makefile patches for Solaris.

Mon Jun 25 9:57am
Allen Bierbaum reports that CQ3A runs under MacOS X with vrJuggler. The OSX support is only in Juggler 1.1, the development version of Juggler available through CVS.

Tue Jun 12 2:08pm
Bill Sherman confirmed that CQ3A runs with FreeVR under Linux.

Thu Jun 7 10:11am
CQ3A 0.8.7 is now available. Todd Yocum contributed patches that allow you to compile with CAVElib under Win32.

Wed May 2 3:05pm
CQ3A 0.8.6 is now available. The new release has several small fixes. Stefan E. and I also did some minor restructuring of the engine to allow parallel decomposition. There are several parallel decomposition modes (monster modes) available in MPSDK.

Tue May 1 10:27am
More HP-UX and CAVElib news. I have a hack that will give you navigation without using shared memory. Send me email if you want it.

Meanwhile, Matt Szymanski from VRCO is tracking down the shared memory problem.

Mon Apr 30 1:44pm
Dory Ferguson from PSU reports that CQ3A fails with CAVElib under HP-UX. There seems to be a problem with allocating shared memory. If you replace CAVEMalloc() with regular malloc(), it does run (with stereo and head-tracking). However, since state is not being shared, there is no navigation.

Mon Apr 30 10:22am
CQ3A 0.8.5 is now available! Newest feature is MPSDK interface.

Fri Apr 27 10:17am
Stefan Eilemann from SGI has added a MPSDK interface for CQ3A. This will be added to the next release!

Thu Apr 26 12:48pm
Dory Ferguson from Penn State has confirmed that it runs with GLUT under HP-UX. She is also going to test it with CAVElib and HP-UX on their RAVE.

Wed Apr 25 12:42pm
I have confirmed that CQ3A runs with SDL under IRIX and Win32. It's a bit tricky under MSVC, make sure you read the SDL docs. I also had to add the following to glinc.h:

#ifdef WIN32
#   pragma comment (lib, "opengl32.lib") /* link with MS OpenGL lib */
#   pragma comment (lib, "glu32.lib") /* link with MS OpenGL Util lib */

Mon Apr 23 3:42pm
CQ3A 0.8 is now available! The new features are:

- Support for multiple pak files
- Simple HUD with fps display
- Help screen
- More commandline options
- Patrick Hartling's patch
    - FreeBSD section in Makefile
    - Extern "C" defs that allow you to mix C and C++ compilers

Fri Apr 20
CQ3A 0.7 is now available. I found a minor bug that manifested itself under Win32. Also, you can download which has everything you need (MSVC 6.0 project file, precompiled jpeg and zlib libs).

Wed Apr 19
CQ3A 0.6 is now available! The new version has the minor changes for compiling under MacOS X. I've also added support for compiled vertex arrays. On my machine, the engine now runs at about 94% of the speed of the real Q3A engine!

Wed Apr 19
Allen Bierbaum from VRAC has confirmed that the vrJuggler version works under Linux and FreeBSD.

Wed Apr 19
John DeWeese and Ben Moore from ICT have got it running on MacOS X (SDL, GLUT) with minor changes. I will integrate these changes into the release soon.

Tue Apr 18
Initial release (0.5)